GAC Activities and Tuition Terms & Conditions

1. Applications: A booking form must be completed before the commencement of any activities. These must be signed by parents/guardians for under 18s. Loch Ken Adventures Limited reserves the right to refuse participation, and the decision of Loch Ken Adventures Limited is final.

2. Advanced Payment: Advanced payment is required to confirm your booking. Should you withdraw for any reason, Loch Ken Adventures Ltd will retain your payment. At Loch Ken Adventures Limited’s discretion, this payment may be used for a future booking but refunds will not be offered. It is advised that leisure insurance is taken out to cover any losses accrued by non-attendance.

3. Insurance: Travel and equipment insurance is not included in the booking. The participant accepts that the courses involve risky activities and that accidents can happen that do not arise from anyone’s negligence. The participant is responsible for making sure they have the adequate insurance. Overseas participants coming to the UK must also have their own travel insurance.

4. Cancellation: Loch Ken Adventures limited reserves the right to cancel a booking if the minimum number of students is not reached. In this event all payments for that course or activity will be refunded in full. If, however, the course or activity has to be cancelled for a reason beyond Loch Ken Adventures Limited’s control, then the deposit will be retained. All bookings are binding and refunds are not offered in the event of cancellation. If however, Loch Ken Adventures limited have to cancel an activity due to equipment failure, or government guidelines or instructions to close, either a refund or voucher will be offered

5. Curtailment: Since Loch Ken Adventures Ltd aims to offer flexible courses you must look upon course itineraries as an indication of what is intended to be achieved and not a contractual obligation on the part of Loch Ken Adventures Limited. Loch Ken Adventures Limited reserves the right to alter the course as it sees fit. Loch Ken Adventures Limited cannot accept responsibility or offer refunds for delays or modifications to the programme.

6. Responsibility: Acceptance of a place on the activities binds the participant to be responsible, to adhere at all times tothe instructions of the staff, particularly in relation to safety. Failure to comply with this may result in the participant being asked to leave the activity without the right to a refund.

7. Risk: Our instructors will make every effort to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. However, it must be remembered that outdoor activities are by nature hazardous and involve risk. Students must be in a physical and mental condition appropriate to the activities they intend to take. Students must acknowledge there is risk involved in the activities.

8. Belongings: Loch Ken Adventures Limited does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage or injury to any student or property. Property left behind may only be returned after receipt of agreed postage and packaging charges (min £5).

9. Behaviour: Loch Ken Adventures Limited is entitled to recover from the participant the cost of any damage or loss caused. The participant undertakes to behave with propriety and in a manner that will not harm the reputation of the company. Any participant who fails to cooperate may be asked to leave the centre.

10. Complaints: Any complaints should be made known to the manager and every effort will be made to reach an amicable solution.

11. Safety: Participants undertake to wear buoyancy aids at all times when afloat. Participants must be physically fit and must advise of any illness or disability on the booking form. Participants taking medication must inform their instructor. Participants suffering from epilepsy, giddy spells, angina, heart conditions or any complaint that precludes exertion or might be aggravated by accidental immersion in cold water must check with their doctor before making a booking. Participants must take responsibility in ensuring they are protected with sun screen, parents leaving children may leave sun screen with their Childs instructor to top up throughout the day.

12. Residential: Unaccompanied participants must be over 10. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform of
special dietary needs, disabilities, conditions, illnesses and swimming ability. All residential students must bring sleeping bags or linen.

13. Photographing: At Loch Ken Adventure Limited we have an on site photographer who takes photos and videos for or our brochures, advertisement campaigns or displayed on our website. If you oppose this please inform a member of the management.

14. Liability: Loch ken Adventures Limited, its employees and representatives shall not be liable for any injury, sickness, loss or damage to the property or your personal property, directly or indirectly caused by or arising from the use of the properties or access.

15. COVID-19: Loch Ken Adventures Limited does not admit anyone onto the site who either has or is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or is part of a household or bubble with someone who has or is showing symptoms of COVID-19. If anyone develops symptoms whilst on site they must return home self-isolate

If you have booked an activity with us and are not happy with the above terms, then please get in touch with us as soon as possible after making your booking.