giant 3G swing

Experience a moment of weightlessness followed by the thrill of your life as you pull the release cord and fly! 40 feet of fun, our Giant 3G swing is a must do activity, the biggest in Scotland and guaranteed to make you go wheeeee!

Giant 3G swing

how high will you go?

Choose your own level of challenge and see if you can make it to the top!

Giant Swing

Suitable for all

Although you'll feel like you're free-falling, the shock is taken away with the gradual effect of the pendulum. In other words the giant swing is a safe and inclusive activity enjoyed by all from 3 years to 100!

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Giant swing Session Times

We split our day up into 4 activity blocks of 1.5 hours, if you book in as part of an activity day then we will create an activity programme for you. If you book the swing as a stand alone activity then you get two swings and you can book into any of the following time slots:

Session 1 - 1000-1130

Session 2 - 1130-1300

Session 3 - 1400-1530

Session 4 - 1530-1700

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Giant Swing What's in a session

If you've booked in for the Giant Swing then you're in for a blast! The session will start with your instructor getting you kitted up with harnesses. We'll explain how it all works then in groups of 2 or 3 you'll be taken down to the platform and connected up. While you're getting winched up everyone else will be in the observing area, a prime position for catching the screams on camera once you're let loose! We aim to give everyone two swings during the session.

Giant Swing is there an age limit?

The short answer is no, the longer answer is it depends more on if you can fit into the harness - and we have harnesses to fit most sizes. The youngest we've had so far is 3 years old and the oldest over 80!

There's no whiplash or harsh drop due to the pendulum of the swing so while you'll feel like you're free falling it's a safe and inclusive activity.

Giant Swing PRICE LIST

The 3G swing is £13.00pp for two swings. If you book as part of an activity day then our normal sessions prices may work out cheaper - you'll be charged whichever is the least.