RYA youth windsurfing courses

Youth windsurfing courses at the Galloway Activity Centre are all about getting out on the water and learning some new skills in a fun and safe environment. There's no better place to learn the exhilarating thrill of windsurfing than on the inland waters of Loch Ken.

windsurfing lessons kids dumfries and galloway

RYA stage 1 windsurfing

2 days

This course is all about having a great first experience on the water and kindling some passion in this exhilarating watersport. So get yourself booked in and see where it leads!

windsurfing lessons dumfries and galloway

RYA stage 2 windsurfing

3 days

This is all about building on the skills you've learned already and still having great fun! Learn to tack and gybe and feel your confidence grow as you get to grips with balance and control.

Often combined with Stage 1 to save over £60!

windsurfing courses kids

RYA Stage 3 Windsurfing

4-5 days

This is where the real fun begins and we'll introduce you to some more advanced techniques. Very few people leave this course without having caught the bug and you'll be blasting around with a lot more confidence.

youth windsurfing

RYA stage 4 windsurfing

4-5 days

Hook in and hang on! Get more comfortable in the harness, get into the footstraps and get blasting around the loch!

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