GAC hire equipment terms & conditions

o Hirers are only permitted on the water once they have completed the hirers’ booking form.
o Hirers must wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aids at all times when afloat.
o Hirers must be physically fit. Anyone suffering from any complaint which precludes exertion or might be aggravated by accidental immersion in cold water should not hire.
o Hirers must familiarise themselves with the shallow parts of Loch Ken and stay within the boundaries indicated by the staff.
o It is forbidden to light fires at any places on the shores of the Loch.
o The hirer’s signature on the booking form certifies that Loch Ken Adventures Limited and its employees are not liable for illness, injury or death to the hirer or members of the hirer’s party, or loss or damage to their property.
o The hirer is responsible for making good any damage or equipment loss.
o Hirers are responsible for checking back in at reception after their session on the water to sign in and hand over equipment.
o Sailing boats will not be hired to those who are not at a level of competence where they can rig the boat themselves.
o Booking and payment is binding, and Loch Ken Adventures will not offer refunds in the event of cancelations. If, however, Loch Ken Adventures have to cancel an activity then either a refund or voucher will be offered.
o Loch Ken Adventures Limited, its employees and representatives shall not be liable for any injury or sickness directly or indirectly caused by or arising from the use of its facilities.