night laser tag

If you've tried laser tag in the day then you'll be in for some added excitement with a night time battle!

Last Saturday of every month until April

Night Laser

an added thrill

Stalking through the forest, pitch black apart from the dazling blue flashes of lasers, glow sticks marking your base, strobe lights illuminating the trees above and the sound of gunfire in every direction.

Laser Tag

zombie killer

Exciting zombie games are a favourite of night time laser tag. Avoid infection for as long as you can then respawn as a zombie and chase the humans down till there's only one left!

Nightime Laser Tag

refreshments included

Night time laser tag is hungry work and a hot drink and burger/hot dog are included in the price.

how does it work?

Kicking off at around 1830 the night will involve getting kitted up with the latest laser tag combat assault rifles and heading into the dark forest arena. During a series of exciting games you'll pitch your skills against your opponents while trying to stay alive!

Hot drinks and a hot dog or burger are included in the £18.00pp price.


The cost is £18.00pp and this includes a hot drink and a hot dog or a burger

what to bring

Laser Tag is an outdoor activity so be sure to bring sensible footwear and warm, waterproof clothing. Torches are allowed but remember the light will give away your position!

is it safe

Although the activity takes place in the dark every effort is made to ensure the safety of the participants. The boundaries of the arena are all lit and everyone will undergo a thorough brief on how to stay safe while playing.

You're allowed to bring torches but of course these will give away your position! Staff will be on hand throughout providing light when needed and helping anyone back to the well lit base once their lives are up.

Is there an age limit?

Night time laser quest has been enjoyed by people of all ages. We would suggest anyone under 8 was acompanied by an adult. There's no upper age limit!